English mothertongue teacher

We are looking for a passionate and dedicated English Teacher to join our team at Be school to teach English to children in their early childhood years. As the English Teacher, you will be responsible for creating a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that encourages our young learners to develop their English language skills. 
– Develop and implement age-appropriate lesson plans and activities that align with our curriculum and meet the needs of our young learners 
– Use a variety of teaching strategies to engage children in the learning process and help them develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills 
– Monitor and assess each child’s progress and provide individualized support to meet their learning needs 
– Foster a positive and inclusive classroom environment that promotes the social, emotional, and academic development of each child 
– Communicate regularly with parents and caregivers to share progress updates, provide feedback, and address any concerns or questions they may have 

– Bachelor’s degree in Education or a related field 
– Experience teaching English to young children in an early childhood setting 
– Knowledge of early childhood development and best practices in English language teaching 
– Strong communication, organization, and interpersonal skills 
– Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and parents to support the holistic development of each child 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Degree Required