This is

A structure built from scratch, designed to be child-friendly

The project of our school was born in 2010 within the redevelopment of the Record district of Vigevano (PV).

The structure was conceived, designed and built entirely from scratch, with unique features that make it one of the already beautiful structures in its area.


Our nursery welcomes children from zero to six years in sections divided by age.

We study the inclusion of younger children together with you, giving you a way to experience the detachment from your child in all serenity. We have a psychologist in the facility every day at your disposal to take care of every detail of your and your child’s needs.

The days at the Nursery are divided between games and activities, and the English language is introduced through games, music, interaction with the teacher.

In our spring section, children begin their journey towards kindergarten but with the same care and attention as a nursery.

Special areas

External areas


Our kindergarten has three classes and the children are divided by age.
Each class is independent and with direct access to the bathrooms from the room. The central hall connects the classrooms to each other and is useful for movement activities.


Physical Education

External areas

Multimedia & Technologies


Educating children for a better future

Music, Art and Creativity

STREAM Program

Green Education

Do you want to know more about our educational method and the activities we carry out?

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