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Let us introduce you to our team, a passionate and qualified group with extensive experience in bilingual education

Our teachers

Each class has an English teacher and an Italian reference teacher, ensuring uniformity of language exposure.

Chrissy Miller

English teacher

Sharon Carluccio


Cristina La Marca

Italian teacher

Lara Di Lorenzo

Support Teacher

Tamiko Yamamoto

English Teacher

Lucrezia Morandotti

Support Teacher

Sabrina Galletti

Italian teacher

Ilaria Bellazzi

Support Teacher

Elisa Maria Ditrani

Kindergarten Teacher

Noemi Bolzon

English Teacher

Alice Cecchetto

Italian teacher

Martina Mussi

Support Teacher

Benedetta Turatto

Support Teacher

Martina Vaona

Primary Teacher

Nesrine Ben Sadok

English teacher

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School Management

The people in charge of the administrative management of the facility, ready to listen to your needs when you need them

Federico Visconti


In 2011, I founded be.school, an innovative bilingual school, which allowed me to gain a great deal of experience in developing new educational methodologies.

Stefania Galletti

HR & School Manager

Be.school’s educational philosophy serves to lay the foundations of a more versatile language mastery, open-mindfulness and unparalleled cultural integration.

Arianna Capelli


I consider it essential to be able to be an active observer of children and a concrete bridge between school and family. The watchword is “listening”.

All people are important in our team!

Roberta Balsamo

Front Office

Laura Baroni


Francesco Mercorillo

HACCP and Security Manager

Giulia Coppo

Front Office

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