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Since 2011 we have been raising and educating children from zero to six years with an immersive bilingual educational method, in a modern school and with the best educators in English and Italian.

Our educational method:
unique, like your son.

divided by age

The classes divided by age allow us to follow the development of children based on their real abilities and needs

with few children

Classes made up of a few children allow teachers to better understand their needs


An educator in Italian and one in English on each group allow children to immerse themselves in a highly stimulating multilingual environment

The importance of teaching in a beautiful and stimulating environment

Our Mission, our Values

Provide the new generations with tools for awareness of the future


Coming into contact with people who have knowledge different from ours by culture or life experiences, helps to see the world from a different point of view, very often more positive.


To grow and learn you need to stimulate creativity.
The school is a place that must anticipate the times: education must imagine the future, and teach the way of today


Transparency at school offers the opportunity to continuously improve the service offered to families, basing communication on value aspects and making parents aware of every aspect of the education we offer to children

Courtesy and Kindness

Sharing, cooperation, kindness and honesty are essential for human well-being. We must take care of ourselves and others to build a community that celebrates each child’s talents, passions and uniqueness

Take care of the details

We must remember that our customers are human beings. Everyone has different needs and we need to listen to them. We make sure we understand their needs and provide them with what they need.

Do the right thing

We know that the “right thing” to do corresponds to an action to be taken and that it is based on integrity and building trust with families

Learn English naturally

be.school offers a bilingual training course from the earliest years of life, through the OPOL method and modern teaching in step with the times.

The language in fact depends on the culture and on the people surrounding the child, and not on the birth.

With our method, children immerse themselves completely in bilingualism, learning to understand two languages effortlessly. Thanks to this, you will receive many benefits.

Improving the world, through education

Art and Creativity

STEM Program

Green Education


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