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Since 2011 we have been raising and educating children from zero to six years with a unique bilingual educational method, in a safe and modern school and with the best English and Italian mother tongue teachers.

Our educational method.
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divided by age

The classes divided by age allow us to follow the development of children based on their real abilities and needs

with few children

Classes made up of a few children allow teachers to better understand their needs

One method
unique educational

Our unique educational method is designed to achieve the best results on preschool children

be.school was born from the desire to start a bilingual training course from the earliest years of life, through a modern method in step with the times.

The language in fact depends on the culture that surrounds the child, and not on birth.

With our method, children immerse themselves completely in bilingualism, learning without difficulty to speak in two languages, before compulsory school. Thanks to this, the benefits he will receive as an adult will be manifold.

Our educational program includes many great activities, including: music, yoga, swimming and theater. Motor activities are planned every week.

Educating children for a better future

Music, Art and Creativity

STREAM Program

Green Education

Do you want to know more about our educational method and the activities we carry out?

Our internal kitchen: fresh every day!

We decided to have our own kitchen because it seems absurd to us that in a country with a great culinary culture like Italy it is necessary to administer heated meals at school, prepared hours before, thick overcooked and that do not encourage children to eat.

At be.school, lunches and snacks are prepared, served and consumed without waiting. Our children know the quality of the food prepared by chef Alberto!

The internal kitchen gives us the possibility to manage the feeding of your children in total autonomy and safety. We are able to accommodate all children’s needs and special diets, as well as provide you with a higher quality service.

We also prepare fresh bread every day, as well as cakes, pizzas and focaccias!

The menu is designed on a seasonal basis and varies from week to week, guaranteeing a great variety of different dishes for children.

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